Project Description

City of New Albany

As a community created by innovators, the City of New Albany, Ohio represents a thriving ecosystem that leverages its entrepreneurship, business connectivity and public-private partnerships to inspire creativity, innovation and commerce for Ohio businesses.

A high level of community engagement among businesses, residents and public officials constantly challenges us to find better ways to drive commerce.  Whether it’s our economic development incentives, venture capitalists or specialized innovation campuses, our community offers a one-of-a-kind business location that  powers growth:

One of the largest and fastest growing master-planned corporate business parks in Ohio.
Sustainable approach to economic development policies that protect investment and encourage business expansion.
A high percentage of internationally-renowned business leaders willing to share their expertise.
Focused Innovation Campuses for information and technology, corporate office, personal care and beauty and healthcare that foster synergy and yield innovation.
Venture capitalists, including Ohio Tech Angels, that support early stage business startups.
A business incubator where government, venture capitalists and private agencies come together to provide expertise, services and seed funding to technology startups.
An exclusive relationship with TechStart Columbus, one of the top five technology incubators in the country.
A highly-educated workforce with a disproportionate number of knowledge workers-69% of residents have at least a bachelor’s degree.
A master-planned community with attention to the details that energize and enrich both residents and businesses alike.
A commitment to advancing the community’s quality of life by investing in education, culture, leisure and health.
Pedestrian-friendly amenities, including a town center and leisure trails that encourage interaction and enhance productivity.