Project Description

City of Newark

Newark is the place for business… the place where your business is free to thrive. Imagine a community… a place…
– with a history of – and the ability to build – innovative public-private partnerships;
– that is development-friendly and development-ready;
– with incentives zones designed to enhance business investment
– that embraces, understands, and is home to American manufacturing;
– that boasts a university, a college, and a first-rate career and technical training school;
– where the Chamber, SCORE, other community initiatives tirelessly unite to build business capacity;
– that bolsters its revenue through innovative tax-sharing with other Licking County communities;
– where older Brownfield sites are being prepared for futures of reinvestment and rebirth;
– that is a comfortable home for small-to-large businesses, including two Corporate Headquarters; and,
– that is a livable, quality, and affordable place to be…