Project Description

City of Pataskala

The City is committed to expanding its non-residential commercial and industrial tax base in order to secure a strong financial foundation for the community.  With over 30 square miles of area and strategic location, the City has ample room to blend its quality neighborhoods with acres of greenfield development, distinct rural character and vital commercial corridors.

The City is located between the recently reconstructed State Route 161 and Interstate 70 corridors.  We are traversed east-west by the State Route 16 (Broad Street) corridor and north-south by the State Route 310 corridor.  This strategic location offers unmatched access to expansive development sites and business assets in and around the area.  The City’s excellent transportation network conveniently links good, services, and an excellent workforce. The City has three historic village downtowns balanced with generous availability of greenfield development sites.

Pataskala offers a wide range of incentives to encourage investment in the community.  We encourage you to consider Pataskala as the best location for you to grow your business.  You will not be disappointed.  Please contact the City Administrator or the Director of Planning for more information. We will be your “concierge” service to help you locate and develop a site for your business. Pataskala is Open for Business!